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『ULTRAMEDIA Co., Ltd.』 is a leading producer and distributor of high-quality cartoons(webtoons) such as , , and others.
Also as a leading transmedia company,ULTRAMEDIA drives and encourages adaptation of original IPs into movies, TV shows, animations, games, publishing and other areas gaining attention from the content and entertainment market at home and abroad.

ULTRAMEDIA has established a webtoon creation (production) studio capable of producing first-class, ‘ULTRA’ webtoon IPs which can lead not only the domestic but also the global webtoon markets.
Using the studio, it has been producing high-quality webtoons in various genres and exporting them to various markets such as North America, South America (Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Chile), Turkey, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, and Japan.

In addition, ULTRAMEDIA is promoting a broader adaptation of webtoon IPs into various industries such as book publishing(production) in domestic and foreign markets, TV series, emoticons, OSTs, and musicals, presenting the latent possibilities that Korean webtoons have.

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