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For 25 years, TOYTRON has steadily grown through consistent product development and expansion of product lines, guided by our management philosophy “”Through toys like vitamins, we create a happy world.””

As a Media Mix company, TOYTRON has become a role model in the toy and content industries, leveraging content originating from toys to produce animations for our flagship brands. Our premium role-playing character ‘Doremi Dalimi’, introduced in 2006, was adapted into an animation that premiered on the public broadcaster KBS1 in 2021 and later expanded to OTT platforms like Netflix. Season 2 received great love upon airing on KBS1 in 2023, with ‘Doremi Dalimi’ boasting over 50 SKUs of toy lines and cumulative sales of USD 27,500,000 over 24 years since its inception.

Another successful IP, “”Harp & Friends,”” introduced in 2014, made its mark with a successful broadcast on EBS in spring 2022. Season 2 is set to air on the same station in the first half of 2024. “”Harp & Friends”” features over 40 SKUs of toy lines, with cumulative sales reaching USD 20,000,000 over 24 years.

TOYTRON’s efforts have been widely recognized both domestically and internationally. In the 2023 Korea Content Awards, “”Harp & Friends”” achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Minister’s Award in the character category. This recognition highlights TOYTRON’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

TOYTRON’s advanced toys and cultural content have garnered acclaim not only from major domestic marts, department stores, and toy stores nationwide but also from countries worldwide, including the United States, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, and more.

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