My Liberation Notes

Three siblings, living in a small town at the edge of the city, are tired from long commute, soul-draining work life and meaningless relationships.
The youngest Mijeong is especially worn out from pretending to be someone else to fit in and keep up “good” relationships with others. It’s not that she’s miserable, nor has a specific problem, it’s just that she isn’t happy. She wants to feel free from all this acting, liberated from everything, and feel like she’s actually living for once.
*Also streaming on Netflix.

Green Mothers’ Club

The hidden secrets and desires of these helicopter mothers begin to unveil.
An elite community with competitive schools and helicopter mothers is stirred up with the newcomer Eunpyo. A working mom to two sons, Eunpyo shows a pessimistic attitude towards the obsession in children’s’ education in the neighborhood and soon finds herself isolated from the inner circle of the school moms. She couldn’t care less about joining the inner circle, but somehow keeps finding herself at the center of the attention as the competition, envy and secrets amongst the moms tangle and unravel.
*Also streaming on Netflix.

Singing Seniors

With deep passion for music, these seniors sing from the bottom of their hearts!
Singing Seniors is a music variety show documenting 100 days of senior actors on their journey to forming a choir. The sixteen choir members first introduce themselves through a solo stage. A veteran musical director divides the members into sopranos, altos, tenors and bass. The choir members then go through various missions that range from a duet mission, a smaller-sized choir mission and a busking mission. Finally shaped into one choir, the senior singers show off their harmony at a prestigious award ceremony.

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