SEMI in Magic Cube

Mathematics has a magical power. Those who know the truth of mathematics can use the mysterious mathematical magic.

They began to collect all the mathematical knowledge in the world for future generations, and the Holy Grail containing all mathematical knowledge was born. The Holy Grail symbolizes the power to dominate the world.

A Z who understands the powerful dark magic appears. He occupies the Holy Grail and turns the world into chaos and darkness.

At that time, the legendary great mathematical magician appeared, sealed the black magic, restored the world to its original appearance, and disappeared with the Holy Grail.

The Motorcycle Food Diaries

It’s not just any other food show.

It’s a unique gourmet tour program that takes you to various parts of Korea on a motorcycle.

A middle-aged female professor who is a Chinese food researcher as well as someone who loves new challenges travels all over Korea on Harley-Davidson, bikers’ dream motorcycle, to provide the taste of food and the joy of traveling to viewers who are exhausted from the pandemic.

This middle-aged professor, who majored in Chinese literature, broke the unwritten rule that women cannot enter the kitchen and honed her culinary skills as a chef in a Chinese restaurant. Belatedly started lecturing at a university, she even got her motorcycle license at the age of 55. 

Armed with culinary skills and expertise, the curator goes on a gastronomic tour on her Harley-Davidson and opens a new paradigm for travel shows by providing fresh fun and impressions wherever she goes with her excellent sense of humor.

Yes, you can enjoy the show with your eyes and also your ears. Through a video that satisfies the five senses, the show will draw a new map of gastronomic tours by introducing delicious K-FOOD as well as beautiful scenery all over Korea.

My Daughter is a Zombie

1) Bring the wildly popular NAVER webtoon “My Daughter is a Zombie” to the screen!

  • Consistently high-ranking series every Thursday on the top webtoon platform NAVER
  • A smash hit that was raved about during its publication
  • Unique topic, solid storyline and direction, charming characters
  • Webtoonist Lee Yun-chang’s diverse and strong fanbase will bring in lots of viewers!

2) Good story peppered with humor. Killing two birds with one stone.

  • Added comedic elements to the story to bring lightheartedness to what could be a heavy subject matter, to appeal to a wider and diverse audience

3) Simple illustrative style

  • Character setting and animating that are simple and easy to direct, making it suitable for 2D Flash animation

4) The production company’s capability in animated adaptations coming from their experience and expertise

  • Prior experience in adapting comics into animated TV series, including “Tori GO! GO!,” “Don’t Let Go of the Mental Rope” and “The Sound of Your Heart” → production team is equipped with the know-how and skills to do a good job of bringing the webtoon to the screen.

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