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A new digital book. It is the only company in Korea that manufactures and supplies appbooks.
Before Covid-19, we were producing and supplying appbooks to newsletters of domestic public institutions.
We have produced and supplied newsletters such as the Supreme Court’s newsletter, the Ministry of Education’s Dream Letter newletter, and the Board of Audit and Inspection’s newsletter.

After Covid-19, there was an explosive demand for non-face-to-face content services.
Due to the Covid-19, the offline exhibition was canceled at the ‘KIAF ART SEOUL 2020’, Asia’s largest gallery exhibition and was successfully completed with an appbook.
In particular, RM of BTS purchased an art piece through this exhibition and became a hot topic, so you can hear related news.
As a result, it is gradually expanding into exhibition, education, publishing, and tourism.
As an educational appbook, we are working on a project to ‘Learn Hangul’ around the world, and we are gradually expanding it starting with ‘Learn Korean For Thai’.
In Korea, the Art Edu appbook with Seowon University, elementary math dictionary app book with Via Book is updated in App Stores.
It completed its first export to the U.S. in April 2021, signed a business with Oxford University in the U.K. in November 2021, and is working on making an appbook.
Currently, we are working an appbook business through business agreements with 8 companies from five countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Thailand.
Like this, AppMedia Inc. is growing into a global brand as the main player in the new digital book market.


  • App Book

Business Description

The new digital book, Appbook, is an application-based book.
Interactive and dynamic content supporting optimized by smart devices.
The representative e-book, e-book, is a PDF conversion method that copies and pastes contents.
This e-book method has only text or pictures, and there is an inconvenience that you have to zoom in on each page when implementing it on mobile.
Appbook can implement various contents. In other words, VR, video, audio, quiz, mini-game, as well as events can be provided through link connections.
All events such as Google Form, mobile gift con, SNS connection, and Naver dictionary are available for these events.
Appbook provides dynamic interest and immersion. In other words, it is not just reading or watching, but it responds when pressed and is suitable for hands-on content.
These contents can be provided with publishing magazines, newsletters, education that wants hands-on content, exhibitions that link to kiosks, and tourism.
Appbook is an application book exclusively for mobile devices. In other words, you can download an app to your own device and implement it anytime, anywhere, and provide continuous push alarm messages.
This advantage is that it is impossible to copy illegally as a download method, and because it uses an indian program, it provides mobile-optimized readable content.
The app book consists of the same UI and UX as the paper book. From left to right, from top to bottom, scroll with your hands, watch videos, and read articles.
This way, it is digital, but it can be viewed with analog sensibility, and it can be enjoyed like a paper book, such as bookmark function and direct movement of each page through the table of contents.

We are building a knowledge sharing appbook platform.
It allows individuals or businesses to share good content through various content implementation tools in the appbook system.
It is commercialized through the appbook system and shared through the appbook platform (upgraded version of YouTube).
The biggest advantage of this platform is that it is downloaded and used in the form of an app, so it is suitable for educational content because it allows repetitive learning anytime, anywhere.
The revenue model provides basic capacity and allows you to purchase additional capacity. Also, it is an interesting form of advertising using multimedia content functions.
Other than that, B2B and B2G will be produced by the editorial design team of App Media and proceed with profit-sharing or production charge.
Also, the appbook system is evolving. We are continuously introducing technologies such as AR, AI, and XR into VR.
We will lead the new digital book market through the establishment of a new platform that allows anyone around the world to share knowledge easily and comfortably.

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