Larva Season 1 Something is constantly falling from the world of humans to Red and Yellow, who live in sewers. Chewy gum, wasted ice cream, coins, rings, etc, The cute little caterpillars Red and Yellow are all amazing. Sometimes they get in trouble, they get in trouble, they get happy, they fight for the things […]


ROBOCAR SEASON 5 New friends visit to Brooms Town! Who is the drone losing his memory in the storm and landing on the beach? Tintin, a heavy vehicle who wears glasses and has large pincer fingers. Wonder, a storyteller who pulls a nice cart and performs. Grandma Daisy, a kind and skillful gardener who moved […]


Kongsuni Season 2 For five year-old Kongsuni life is one big, beautiful adventure. Whether its at home, in school or on the playground, everyday experiences have a way of becoming exceptional when this little girl is around! One minute she’s flying an airplane through the clouds. Next, she’s a top chef working on a culinary […]


Dino Powers “DOFALA Studio” specializes in contents creation. Currently, the animation team,business team, and the sound team are operating from our head office in Korea.We have also established a branch in Indonesia to produce shows throughcollaboration with our head office team.In addition, we are currently expanding the number of employees for variousprojects.We are actively contributing […]


YooHoo to the Rescue’ follows the adventures of five animal friends living in themagical forest of YooTopia. In each episode, they travel to a new destination on Earth to help animals introuble, making new friends along the way. When animals on Earth are in trouble, the colorful fruits on YooTopia’s ‘Sparkling Tree’ begin to darken. […]


Bebefinn Everyday, Baby Finn Learns Something New With The Funn Family! Meet Finn! Finn is a curious, 20-month old baby who loves Baby Shark and spending time with his family, especially his two older siblings, Bora and Brody. With relatable stories and joyful tunes, every episode follows the daily adventures of Finn and his family! […]


Pororo The Little Penguin Pororo is a Little Penguin with big dreams!  He lives on a tiny island with his friends, Eddy the Fox, Loopy the Beaver, Poby the Polar Bear, and Crong the Dinosaur. Together every day, an exciting adventure awaits where they learn all of life’s lessons, both big and small! Pororo The […]